Gentle Hands Horse Massage

Did you know that 60% of your horses total body weight is skeletal muscle?  It is the system responsible for motion.

Thru the non-invasive technique of sports massage therapy, the performance of the equine athlete can be improved by relieving tension and muscle spasms and increasing circulation and range of motion.

Is range of motion important to the horse?  Absolutely yes!

Have you ever been stiff and sore from working too hard or playing too hard?  Has stiffness and soreness ever decreased your range of motion?

In other words, has stiffness and soreness decreased your ability to raise your arm to its fullest extent?

Or has your hamstring been so stiff that you could barely put your foot in the stirrup?  If so, then you can see how stiffness and soreness affects your horse’s performance.  Muscle is muscle regardless of what skeletal frame it’s on.  Our horse’s muscles get stiff and sore just like ours do.

They need a full body massage just like we do.

So does range of motion affect the horse’s ability to perform?  Absolutely yes!

If your horse has limited range of motion due to stiffness and soreness, then your horse is not performing to its fullest potential.

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